Canadian Society for Italian Studies – Call for papers for the Annual Conference di Ottawa

CSIS (Canadian Society for Italian Studies) Annual Conference

Call for papers for the Annual Conference di Ottawa

deadline: February, 15th 2018

University of Ottawa

May, 11-13 2018

Panel Proposal

Intersections of Philosophy and Politics in Italian Philosophical Thought

Ever since its inception in medieval times, Italian philosophy has developed in dialogue with political thought—contemporary thinkers such as Negri, Agamben, Cavarero, and Esposito are the most recent rendition of a civic commitment and attention to communal life that have characterized Italian thought since Dante through Campanella, Machiavelli, Croce, Gentile, and Gramsci, just to name a few. This panel explores themes, notions, limits, possibilities, and alternative political models addressed by Italian theorists when they engage a theoretical reflection inspired not only by abstract philosophical concepts but also by the concreteness and everydayness of social and political life—at that intersection, notions such as community, relationality, sociality, socio-political responsibility, biopolitics, sovereignty, authority, legitimacy, inclusiveness, coexistence, and many others emerge.

Please, send an abstract, and a 100 word bio to Antonio Calcagno at by February, 15th 2018.

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