Centro “Bios” (Interdisciplinary research center on biopolitics), Università del Piemonte Orientale

Activities and research

BIOS is an interdisciplinary research centre established within POLIS – Department of Public Policies and Collective Choices – of the Faculty of Political Science at the University of Piemonte Orientale. The institution of the centre was made possible thanks to the funds of the Compagnia di San Paolo.
The aim of the Centre is to develop and coordinate research and training activities by scholars from various disciplines in the field of biopolitics, with a particular emphasis on the redefining of traditional political and ethical categories, especially in relation to the development of new scientific technologies. Among its research topics, the centre promotes the investigation of the relationships between biopolitics and medical biological sciences, between biopolitics and economy, and between biopolitics and bioethics.

The BIOS Centre is directed by Prof. Simona Forti with the cooperation of Luca Savarino and Giorgio Barberis. The scientific committee includes scholars and academics from different fields, such as Maurilio Guasco, Gabriella Silvestrini, Marco Revelli, Anna Elisabetta Galeotti (University of Piemonte Orientale), Adriana Cavarero (University of Verona), Roberto Esposito (SUM – Italian Institute of Human Sciences), Carlo Galli (University of Bologna), Laura Bazzicalupo (University of Salerno), Paolo Vineis (Imperial College, London), Laura Boella (University of Milan), Davide Tarizzo (University of Salerno), Massimo Recalcati (Psychoanalyst), Stefano Rodotà (University of Rome).

The administrative centre of BIOS is situated in the POLIS Department of the University of Piemonte Orientale, Faculty of Political Science, Palazzo Borsalino, via Cavour 84 – 15100 Alessandria.

The aim of the Interdisciplinary Centre BIOS is the development and coordination of research and training activities by scholars from various disciplines in the field of Biopolitics.

The Centre was instituted for the purpose of:

  1. promoting and implementing research projects, conferences and lectures on subjects related to the field of Biopolitics, especially with reference to Medical Biological Sciences, Economy, and Bioethics, in order to redefine the traditional political and ethical categories in the light of new scientific and technological developments.
  2. promoting and implementing cooperative relations among Universities, Centers and Research Groups, as well as private subjects and local authorities.


Simona Forti (director)

Luca Savarino and Giorgio Barberis (assistant director)

Maurilio Guasco

Gabriella Silvestrini

Marco Revelli

Anna Elisabetta Galeotti (Università del Piemonte Orientale)

Adriana Cavarero (Università di Verona)

Roberto Esposito (SUM – Istituto italiano di scienze umane)

Carlo Galli (Università di Bologna)

Laura Bazzicalupo (Università di Salerno)

Paolo Vineis (Imperial College, Londra)

Laura Boella (Università di Milano)

Davide Tarizzo (Università di Salerno)

Massimo Recalcati (Psicanalista e docente a contratto)

Carlotta Cossutta: carlottacossutta@yahoo.it

Elisabetta Galeotti:  elisabetta.galeotti@uniupo.it

Giunia Valeria Gatta: giunia.gatta@unibocconi.it

Luca Savarino : luca.savarino@gmail.com

Gabriella Silvestrini:  gabriella.silvestrini@uniupo.it


The Interdisciplinary Centre BIOS is situated within the Department of Public Policies and Collective Choices (POLIS), on the fourth floor of the Università del Piemonte Orientale, Palazzo Borsalino, via Cavour 84, 15100 Alessandria.

For any information relating to the Centre’s activities, please contact: