Dario Gentili new book “Crisi come arte di governo”


Crisi come arte di governo: Dario Gentili new book edited by Quodlibet

Crisi come arte di governo: il nuovo libro di Dario Gentili pubblicato da Quodlibet



Crisis dominates the historical moment we are living through. The economy is in crisis, politics in its past and present forms is in crisis and our own individual lives are in crisis, made vulnerable by the fluctuations of the labor market and by the undoing of social and political ties inherited from modernity. Yet, contrary to what a certain tradition would lead us to think, this crisis is not passing: it seems permanent, with no way out and no alternatives. Reconstructing a political genealogy of the term ranging from the Greek world to today’s neoliberalism, this book intends to demonstrate that krisis, understood as a “choice” between revolution and conservation, is a peculiarity of the modern era. However, since its origin, the concept of «crisis» has also proven to be one of the most effective instruments of social discipline and administration. The analytical path of the author, which runs from Plato to Hayek, from the juridical and medical science of antiquity to the current technocracy, passing through the “weapons of criticism” of Marx and Gramsci, finally succeeds, with Benjamin and Foucault, in identifying precariousness as the “form of life” that characterizes crisis, understood as an art of government. But it does not elude the most pragmatic of questions: “How can we recreate the possibility of political alternatives?”


Table of Contents



  1. Crisis as Dispositif
  2. The Forensic Judgment
  3. The Medical Judgment

Modern Age

  1. Before the Revolution
  2. New Life: Marx’s Use of Crisis
  3. Crisis as Interregnum: Gramsci
  4. Philosophy of Crisis
  5. The Neoliberal Crisis

Forms of Life

  1. Precariat
  2. The Paris of the Second Empire: The Hero and the Cosmos
  3. For a New Cosmos: Decision without Judgment