Italian Studies Colloquium at Brown University, Providence (RI)

Italian Studies Colloquium at Brown University, Providence (RI)

February, 8th – April, 27th 2018

Spring Semester’s Forum on Italian Studies, with both Italian scholars and graduate students in this field of research.

For further information please contact: Mona Delgado,

The Italian Studies Colloquium is a bi-weekly forum for an exchange of ideas and work of the community of Italian scholars at Brown and invited outside scholars. Graduate students present their work in progress, and engage the work of faculty and visitors. Presentations in both Italian and English. All colloquium sessions (six per semester) are held in room 102 of 190 Hope Street at 12 noon- 1:30pm unless otherwise noted. For further information please contact: Mona Delgado, Dept. Manager, Italian Studies – Brown University (401) 863-1561 or

Calendar Spring 2018

Colloquium Spring 2018Feb. 9, noon-1:30pm:  Informal Lunch for Italian Studies faculty and grad students with Alexander Stille, journalist, author, and faculty member at Columbia School of Journalism.

Feb. 23, noon-1:30pm:  Anna Santucci, PhD candidate in Italian Studies: “Performing Cultures – Teaching and Learning through Embodied Encounters”March 2, noon-1:30pm: Francesca Zambon, PhD candidate in Italian Studies: “Antonin Artaud, Body and Anarchy: Tracing the Origins of an Italian Literature of Cruelty”

March 16, noon-1:30:Leonora Masini, PhD candidate in Italian Studies: Ways of Seeing Otherness: Colonial Representations in Italian Documentary (1909-2015)April 6 and 7:  CHIASMI  Brown Harvard Graduate Student Conference – PERSPECTIVES ON ITALIAN DIFFERENCE – ITALIAN DIFFERENCES IN PERSPECTIVE – Petterutti Lounge

April 13, noon-1:30pm: Natalie Rothman, Associate Professor of History, University of Toronto: “Trans-Imperial Archives: Rethinking Spatial Knowledge Production in the Venetian-Ottoman Borderlands” *



8 Febbraio – 27 Aprile 2018, Italian Studies Colloquium alla Brown University di Providence (RI – USA)

Sessione primaverile del Forum sugli Italian Studies, con la partecipazione di accademici e studenti che lavorano in questo campo di ricerca.

Per ogni informazione: Mona Delgado,