Discourses of Modernity Seminar – Loyola University Chicago, John Felice Rome Center

December 3,  2017/ 10:30-12:30 a.m.

Loyola University Chicago,  John Felice Rome Center

Via Massimi 114/A  — 00136 Rome

Sala Felice


Re-thinking the past

Mauro Ponzi  (Sapienza University of Rome),   “Re-thinking the Past: Cultural Identity in Unified Germany”

Stefano Giacchetti Ludovisi (Loyola University Chicago, JFRC), “Critique of subjectivity and affirmation of pleasure in Adorno and Nietzsche”

Respondents: Mario Martino (Sapienza University of Rome), Moreno Rocchi (Loyola University Chicago, JFRC)



Mauro Ponzi is Professor  of German Literature at the University of Rome “La Sapienza”. Since 2001 he has been editor of the Revue of German culture and literature “Links” (Pisa-Roma) and since 2004 of the “Hermann-Hesse-Jahrbuch” (Tübingen). He was a Fellow of Alexander von Humboldt-Stiftung in Berlin (1986-87) and a recipient of DAAD grants in Düsseldorf (1996) and Berlin (2006). He was visiting professor at the Roskilde University (Denmark 1994) and at the H.-Heine-University Düsseldorf (1996 and 1999). From 2008-2010 Professor Ponzi served as a member of Directory Board of the International Walter Benjamin Gesellschaft (2008-2010) and as of  2012 he acts as President of the “Associazione Italiana Walter Benjamin.”He is the author of Nietzsche’s Nihilism in Walter Benjamin (Palgrave-MacMillan 2017), La natura della malattia. Genesi dei motivi del Werther (Aracne 2015), Pasolini e Fassbinder. La forza del passato (Nuova Cultura 2013), Melancholie und Leidenschaft. Der Bildraum des jungen Goethe (Universitätsverlag Winter Heidelberg 2011), and editor of Der Kult des Kapitals. Kapitalismus und Religion bei Walter Benjamin (Universitätsverlag Winter Heidelberg 2017),  Between Urban Topographies and Political Spaces (Lexington Books 2014), with Alexis Nuselovici and Fabio Vighi,   and  Schwellen. Aufsätze für eine neue Theorie des Raums (Düsseldorf 2014), with Siegelinde Borvitz.


Stefano Giacchetti Ludovisi teaches Philosophy at the Rome Center of Loyola University Chicago. He received his PhD in Philosophy (with distinction) from Loyola University Chicago, his MA from San Diego State University and his Laurea in Sociology from the University of Rome “La Sapienza”. His area of research broadly addresses Continental Philosophy, with a special focus on aesthetics, the Renaissance and political philosophy. His area of concentration is in Critical Theory, and in particular in the works of T. W. Adorno. He has also extensively published and presented articles on Nietzsche, Marx and Schopenhauer. He has recently published three books (as editor and contributor): “Critical Theory and the Challenge of Praxis: Beyond Reification” (Routledge: 2016), “Identity and Values” (Cambridge Scholars: 2015) and “Nostalgia for a Redeemed Future” (University of Delaware Press: 2009). His latest contribution is a chapter for the book “Nietzsche and Critical Social Theory”, which will be published by University of California Press in 2018. Some of his writings have been translated and published in Italian and Portuguese. He is currently member of the executive committee of the Society for European Philosophy and organizer of the yearly conferences on Critical Theory in Rome. He is member of the editorial board of “Dissonancia: Journal of Critical Theory”, and (also as co-founder) of the “Berlin Journal of Critical Theory”. He has given lectures and presented papers in several worldwide institutions, such as universities in the U.S., Italy, Canada, Poland, Ireland, Portugal, Mexico, Brazil and UK.




Mario Martino is Associate Professor of English Literature in the Department of Studi europei, americani e interculturali, “La Sapienza” University of Rome, where he is also Director of the M.A. Program in English and Anglo-American Studies. Previous to his appointment at “La Sapienza,” he taught at the University of Sheffield and the University of Reading (UK), Firenze, and Messina. His published scholarship includes Shakespeare and Dickens, and  extends to Beckett and modernism, and literature and cinema. He is the author of  Il problema del tempo nei sonetti di Shakespeare (Bulzoni 1985); Dickens e la crisi della scrittura(Adriatica editrice 1996),  S. Beckett: Murphy e il romanzo modernista (Adriatica editrice 2003). He has translated and edited two Dickens novels, Oliver Twist (2011) and Hard Times (Newton and Compton), and  has published a study on Dickens and cinema, Oliver Twist e il cinema (Lithos, Palermo). More recently he has co-edited, with Mauro Ponzi,  Letteratura e cinema (Aracne 2015), and Visualità e scrittura (Lithos 2017).


Moreno Rocchi  received his PhD in Philosophy from “La Sapienza” University of Rome in February 2017 with a dissertation on the first “Analogy of Experience” of The Critique of Pure Reason. He was a visiting PhD student at the University of Chicago (2013-2014). He currently teaches courses in Ethics and Philosophy&Persons at the John Felice Rome Center of Loyola University Chicago. He also teaches Ethics and Metaphysics at the Rome Campus of St. John’s University. He specializes in Kant and the aetas kantiana. He has published a review of the Italian edition of Kant’s Latin Dissertation on the online journal Con-Textos Kantianos. His new work on book-reading in Kant is forthcoming in Spring 2018. He has acted as chair on several panels at the Critical Theory Conference in Rome (2016; 2017) as well as at the Annual Conference at Loyola University Chicago (2017).