Workshop “The politics of debt”, Rotterdam

The Erasmus Institute for Public Knowledge (EIPK) presents an afternoon workshop ‘The Politics of Debt’ at V2_.

The Politics of Debt
20 JAN 2017
14:00 TO 17:00
Location: V2_ Institute For The Unstable Media Eendrachtsstraat 10, 3012 XL, Rotterdam

V2_Community invites the Erasmus Institute for Public Knowledge (EIPK)  for an afternoon workshop on ‘The Politics of Debt’.

Over the past nine years, the debt crisis has been primarily defined as a financial crisis. At stake, however, is a crisis of governability and subjectivity – in other words, a political crisis. The aim of this workshop is to analyze the processes of financialization and moralization by which debt as public issue is depoliticized, as well as to investigate ways for reclaiming the issue – indeed, the ‘crisis’ – by all its stakeholders. Bringing together scholars and experts from various disciplines and backgrounds, it focuses on:

  • financial debt as a new form of power and violence;
  • the redistribution of risk and security as new means of exploitation;
  • the colonization of society and debt-money by credit-money;
  • the alienating effects of these developments on our motivations and desires;
  • the forms of morality, discourse and ideology that legitimate these developments;
  • their consequences for sovereignty, government and democratic processes.

To learn more about the workshop and/or the EIPK, visit: Find the Facebook event here.


The workshop will take place from 14h until 17h. Tickets are  €5,- (including one free drink) and will be available at the door. Please arrive early as there is a limited availability of tickets.


Wolfgang Streeck (DE)
Ewald Engelen (NL)
Elettra Stimili (IT)
Richard Dienst (US)
François Bissonnette (FR)
Émilie Bernier (CA)


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